Real estate development has always been a good investment over the long term Dubai. The UAE as a whole provides a mature market, strong demand, excellent infrastructure, no restrictions on returning capital to its country of origin, and a tax free environment to make such investments. Dubai is also strategically located with access to half of the world’s population within 6 hours of flying. This has attracted a multitude of businesses to invest and setup in the emirate which has led to boom in commercial and residential real estate. Combined with a stable business environment, the city of Dubai is well placed to take advantage of the opportunities in the future with real estate development being a core driver.

China’s current status as a global financial giant has not been achieved overnight but earned through consistent efforts. The resultant rise in affluence has given wings to Chinese investors. This has encouraged them to flock to other countries in the hope of making savvy investments. As a way of preventing the over-saturation of the Chinese markets, the Chinese government has been rallying investors to look for investment opportunities abroad. The Chinese real estate market underwent drastic changes in the past few years that left investors high and dry. The changes have mostly been influenced by low rental yields, stock market downturn and low interest rate, high prices and low capital gains. As a result, the Chinese have found the UAE’s, especially Dubai’s, real estate sector a lucrative investment option.

The Chinese were ranked the seventh biggest property investors in Dubai in 2015, investing around $460 million in the first nine months of the year. said Chinese investor interest in the Dubai real estate market rose by 1,200 percent by August 2015, as compared to the previous year. But let’s consider a few points that help clarify why UAE makes so much sense to China’s wealthy.