Company Profile


Founded in Dubai in 2010, Menasa Group was established by a core group of experts with an average of 20 years each in business. Spanning a diverse range of industries including Automotive, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Oil & Gas, Retail, Real Estate and Education.

The Group helps identify growth opportunities for its clients, conduct feasibility studies and source finance for their projects. Menasa has helped initiate, manage, and grow business projects worth in excess of $20 billion across the globe, and has subsequently built a core team of experts and anchor partners to help our clients achieve their objectives.

Through working on some of the MENA region’s most iconic projects, Menasa’s executives established a network of contacts that expanded the Group’s horizons, diversifying the Group’s expertise from engineering and construction projects into market penetration and business development across multiple verticals including education, hospitality, media, technology, and sustainability across Eastern and Western Europe, North and South America, North and South Africa, as well as the Middle East and Central Asia.

High growth in these emerging markets are presenting exceptional opportunities for the development of mega-projects across various industries. These projects present a complex set of challenges that necessitate an innovative approach, access to diverse resources, and flexibility in allocating the requisite skill-sets needed to capitalize on dynamic opportunities. Menasa Group is uniquely suited to deliver on these requirements.

Access to finance, international legal counsel, trans-cultural media and marketing capabilities, architecture and engineering expertise, manufacturing assets, and support services complement the Menasa Group offering, allowing it to provide turn-key solutions to diverse projects from across the globe.

Today, Menasa Group offers business advisory services to a diverse portfolio of clients including financial institutions, architectural and engineering firms, real estate developers, retailers, as well as private investors and entrepreneurs.

The Menasa Group takes great pride in creating value for its customers. Our experience has led us to create methodologies and frameworks that allow us to listen to and understand our clients, ensuring that their goals are met and enabling Menasa to provide a very high quality of service. We understand the issues that our clients face when conceptualising, designing and implementing large projects across the world. Our experience and network allows us to help our clients eliminate potential risks and ensure a smooth and profitable execution of their projects.

Menasa Group operates and acts as the custodian of the drivers for our clients’ ever expanding horizons. Whether it is in education, media, architecture or engineering, Menasa Group draws on the best talents and resources to ensure the most effective entry to market, optimization of operations, and development of sustainable growth for your business.